Welcome to St. Croix Valley Driving School

St. Croix Valley Driving School is your new local option for driver's education!

We are dedicated to helping new students become safe and responsible drivers. Our highly trained instructors teach our students the rules of the road through classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Welcome to St. Croix Valley Driving School

In Person and Online Classes are starting soon!

Thank you for choosing St. Croix Valley Driving School for your driving education!

We are looking forward to being the new face for driver's education in the local area. The school will be using an emissions free Tesla for our new students. We have taken into great consideration the safety of the students and instructors in choosing our driver's education vehicle. This vehicle allows the students to use the proper safety features located in all vehicles, while also allowing our instructors to use its advanced safety features to monitor the outside of the vehicle and its surroundings while the student is on the road. Safety is and always will be our first priority!


What We Offer:

  • In-person classroom instruction- 30 hours

    We offer 30 hours of in-person instruction—the same amount that new drivers must complete before they can apply for their licenses. We'll show you everything from how to pass your test to what insurance covers, so you'll be an expert behind the wheel before you can legally drive without an instructor sitting next to you.

  • Behind-the-wheel and observation- 6 hours of BTW and 6 hours of observation:

    This is where we put all of our students through their paces. This course is designed so that our students can confidently gain experience behind the wheel and will feel comfortable when they get into their own cars without feeling overwhelmed by their surroundings or unsure about how things work together when driving.

  • Refresher course- 10 hours in-person class:

    Suppose you already have a license but want more practice with driving skills like parallel parking or freeway driving. In that case, we offer 10 hours of in-person refresher courses that will give you more confidence behind the wheel and ensure everything is up-to-date on your paperwork.

  • Adult training:

    Our classes are open to people over 18 years old who are applying for their first license and those who already have one but want to learn more or brush up on their skills.

  • Additional private lessons:

    If you need more practice driving in certain situations—like driving on highways or around tight corners—we'll teach you how to handle them safely and confidently. These lessons are also good if you have trouble with certain types of weather conditions, such as snow or rain

  • Failure to yield course:

    The Wisconsin Failure-to-Yield / Right-of-Way Course is a 2-hour course approved by The Wisconsin DOT. The course covers traffic laws and techniques for driving safely on Wisconsin roads. The specific topics are regulated by The Wisconsin Department of Transportation and include: Wisconsin Rules of the Road.

St Croix Valley Driving School